What we do

We supply you and your family with home cooked meals at an affordable price that is easy to reheat and serve like you cooked it yourself. The food is delivered to your door ready to reheat with our recommended guidance.

We do:

Home cooked menus for adults and children

Oven ready meals for example lasagne/Macaroni cheese to feed the whole family.

Home cooked meal service to an isolated loved one or friend.

What can you use our service for

You can order for you and your family at your home.

You can order and pay for this service to be delivered for a loved one or friend.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced chefs and front of house professionals. Having worked together for many years we decided to take the plunge and set up our own kitchen and catering business.

Our latest venture SouthSide Foods hopes to fill the huge gap in the home food delivery market..

“Why can’t I order healthy, fresh food to be delivered?”

It sounds like a simple request but when you go looking, it simply doesn’t exist.

It’s a very simple concept… we make the same foods we’ve been making in restaurants throughout Glasgow for years ….but deliver them.

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